Rife Zapper, does electrotherapy really work and how?

Rife Frequency Zapper, can energy waves really be beneficial?

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The zapper is a controversial device, that uses Pulsed Electric Fields ( PEF ), anecdotally reported to reduce the presence of many bacteria, protozoa, viral load, and other parasitic organisms. The use of frequencies for this purpose was reported by Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930's.

The most commonly recognized zappers are Hulda Clark Zappers which do have a strong following among those who have tried them. However, a major limitation is that most Hulda Clark Zappers have only one or two general non-specific frequencies. This can produce a limitation in their effectiveness.

The Rife Zapper has the advantage of offering several specific frequencies that can not only work as general Hulda Clark Zapper frequencies, but, also provide defined frequencies believed to be specific to certain microbes. The presence of several or even many of these specific frequencies in a zapper increases its over-all effectiveness, as well as increasing the usefulness.

One requirement of a Rife Zapper is that it must be very accurate, so that a standard timer based zapper will not be sufficient to get the job done. The Rife Zapper requires a device that is capable of generating multiple accurate frequencies according to the users settings.

Consider as a comparison a 3 frequency zapper based on the 555 timer, something like the Z4ex, for example, and the ParaZapper CC1, which has not only 4 modes, but also provides a total of 9 different frequencies at much greater accuracy for a slightly higher price.
Unit 15 Hz 2500 Hz
/ Rife 1
30000 Hz Rife 2
Z4ex 15 Hz +/- 2 Hz *Est
2500 Hz +/-250 Hz *Est
30000 Hz +/-3000 Hz *Est
CC1 15.2 Hz +/- 0.25 Hz 2280 Hz +/-10 Hz
2127 Hz +/-10 Hz
2489 Hz +/-10 Hz
27760 Hz +/- 150 Hz
29380 Hz +/- 150 Hz
727 Hz +/- 5 Hz
787 Hz +/- 5 Hz
880 Hz +/- 5 Hz
* the Z4ex does not publish their accuracy that we can find. Estimated, based on good quality components.
WHile the Z4ex is a good zapper, it is easy to see the advantages of buying the ParaZapper CC1 for only a few dollars more.

Beyond the CC1 is the ParaZapper UZI which is actually 6 zappers built into one including the accuracy that is necessary for use as a Rife Frequency Zapper. The UZI has a total of 23 frequencies in six modes of operation.

improved Hulda Clark parasite zapper
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